🚧Please Excuse the mess as our new Website is under construction!🚧

🚧Please Excuse the mess as our new Website is under construction!🚧

🚧Please Excuse the mess as our new Website is under construction!🚧🚧Please Excuse the mess as our new Website is under construction!🚧🚧Please Excuse the mess as our new Website is under construction!🚧

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School Tour

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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School Tour

Tour our school and hear more about our programs. Space is limited. Please contact us to reserve your spot.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

About Us

Little Orchard Montessori resides in a quiet residential neighborhood in walking distance to Stanley Nature Park, Blue Valley High School and Stanley Elementary. Children are at play in our large fenced in yard picking fruit from our 20 tree orchard and planting in our organic garden. We offer the beauty of the country in South Johnson County with the convenience of the city right off highway 69.

We serve a small community of children typically starting at the age of 2 1/2 or 3 and staying through the end of their kindergarten year. Full, half and Extended Day programs are available in our quality traditional Montessori environment with traditional Montessori method, philosophy and materials. A loving American Montessori Society trained 'directress' along with an assistant will guide and follow your child's needs and spirit providing an enriching, well-prepared, low 6 to 1 - 12 to 2 ratio environment.

Your child will learn first and foremost grace and courtesy along with the academics at his/her own pace, following their own unique interests. They will grow in such areas as Practical Life, Sensoral, Language, Math, Geography, and Science among others with an individualized plan taught by one-on-one instruction, observation, group and peer learning experiences.

Walk into the classroom and you will see perhaps a two and a half year old arranging the pink tower from smallest to largest, while a three-year old works to learn the sounds of the alphabet with the help of a kindergartner. Meanwhile another kindergartner is reading Frog and Toad as a four year old places a flower arrangement they have done on the table. By mixing these ages together, children have opportunities for constant interaction, problem solving, child-to-child teaching and socialization. The classroom environment has been specially prepared to be inviting for all children at various levels of development and interest. Social interactions, curiosity and respect are modeled by not only the directress but older experienced peers as well.

We also provide monthly evening events including parent classes. They are designed to help you become more aware of what and how your child is learning at school; along with how to make all your everyday activities at home a fun learning experience for your child. Evening events throughout the year will also include several community family gatherings to get to know the other Little Orchard families. As we are a small family-owned one room school house within a quiet neighborhood, your child will feel as if at home in their "Children's House."

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